Radical Kayaks

Radical Kayaks
Performance Series

Contact us for more details. The Radical Performance series are made to order excepting the Strike which is in stock this season. Freight extra.

Strike-In stock this season!.

 $699 Plus tax

Cobra Kayaks Strike

Standard Fit out: Drain Plugs, Fin – 9′ 7″ L x 27″ W – Capacity 230 lbs

Accessories: Cobra Seat and Paddle, Leg Straps,

If you are a surfer and you want a break from a stand-up board, check out the Strike. The Strike is a radical surf machine designed to ride waves. It is forgiving for novices, challenging for intermediates and it totally rips for experts. The Strike has two revolutionary built-in ridges running lengthwise underneath along the rail that increase speed and improve turning. Its low volume reduces drag and the slim, narrow profile and exaggerated rocker increases mobility. The Strike has an optional two position, adjustable foot plate with foot straps to adapt to paddler’s leg lengths. A To put it simply, it shreds.

Strike + (Revision)

$799  Plus tax


Cobra Kayaks Strike+

Standard Fit out:  Handles, Drain Plug and Eyelets – 13′ 3″ L x 28″ W – Capacity 300 lbs.

Accessories: Cobra Seat and Paddle, A Hatch, 6″ Hatch

The Cobra Re-Vision (now the Strike +) was originally designed as a surf rescue craft and is in fact the “long board” version of the Cobra Strike. The Strike + features a large open cockpit and a unique overlap flange allowing for both a drier ride and improved hold on waves. The rocker design and unique flange combines for excellent wave riding, while the sleek hull design allows for a fast, smooth quiet ride on flat water. Pictured with optional backrest and hatches.

Surf Ski

$1499 Plus tax

Cobra Kayaks Surf Ski

Standard Fit out: Drain plug, Rudder system and Foot plates

Accessories: Cobra Paddle

Want the extra thrill of performance surfing? At 17 ft long and weighing only 48 lbs the Cobra Surf Ski offers maximum thrills  for the dedicated surf athlete. The Cobra Surf Ski is the fastest polyethylene surf ski on the market and is designed for racing, competition training and high performance exercise. Its long narrow hull provides less resistance in the water so it glides effortlessly. The deck shape enhances correct paddling technique by allowing the paddler to plant the entry blade close to the deck at the beginning of each stroke. A molded-in wave deflector helps to keep the bow from nose diving when surfing waves, or when running with a following sea. A foot-operated rudder provides for easy, controlled turning. The adjustable footrest caters for different leg lengths. The ‘kick up’ rudder system allows paddlers to move over logs and rocks without damaging the rudder blade. Grab handles are included handles for carrying and rescuing.


$1499 Plus tax

Cobra Kayaks Viper

Standard Fit out: Drain Plugs and Rudder system, Moulded Seat

Accessories: Cobra Paddles

The Aquatx Cobra Viper is a great multi-sport boat as well as a starter or trainer kayak for performance athletes. Its tough polyethylene hull makes it ideal for multi-sport boat events. Often used as an everyday trainer and club boat, it has great stability and speed and, uniquely in the Cobra range, a ‘sit in’ design which allows a low center of gravity and low wind drag. The narrow hull and slippery shape makes a very fast performance boat with less resistance in the water so it speeds effortlessly. The standard configuration includes a multi-sport rudder, foot pedals and foam pillars.


$1499 Plus tax

Cobra Kayaks Eliminator

Standard Fit out:  Handles, Drain Plugs, Adjustable Seat, 6″ Hatch, and Rudder System

Accessories:Back BandCobra Paddles

The Cobra Eliminator redefines the word ‘fast’. Featuring the  the sleek look and  feel of an Olympic Style K1 and the durability provided by polyethylene construction.  It is  designed for racing and for the use and abuse that is part of competition training, high performance exercise and youth racing programs. A foot-operated rudder provides for easy, controlled turning and an adjustable footrest and moulded seat provide an ergonomic fit. The deck shape enhances correct paddling technique by allowing the entry blade hand to come close to the deck at the beginning of the stroke. The Eliminator is available with adjustable seats, adjustable foot pedals and the Cobra rudder system. Extremely stable for low weight and smaller paddlers, the Cobra Eliminator is the choice for teaching your competition paddlers across the globe.

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