Tourer Cobra Kayak Special
Cobra Kayaks - Naked Tandem Recreational Kayak Special
Tourer Cobra Kayak Special
Cobra Kayaks Now Buy Direct
Tourer Cobra Kayak Special
Cobra Kayaks - Expedition Recreational Touring Kayak
Tourer Cobra Kayak Special
Cobra Kayaks - Fish n Dive Recreational Fishing Kayak
Tourer Cobra Kayak Special
Cobra Kayaks - Play Recreational Kayak
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Cobra Direct means that you can buy the range of quality recreational Cobra Kayaks direct from the manufacturer.  No need to pay retail prices – Cobra Direct provides low prices by cutting out the wholesaler/retailer and supplying direct to you. Cobra Direct offers fully featured kayaks with an introductory offer of a FREE SEAT & PADDLE, DELIVERED to you – just unwrap and paddle.

Simply check out our product pages and “click to buy”

You can trust Cobra- California designed and made in New Zealand, the adventure centre of the world,  Cobra has a wide range of  Kayaks built up over 25 years of cutting edge design and pioneering kayak building technology. Cobra has one of the largest high performance premium recreational kayak ranges in the world.

To help find the right kayak for you we have split our range into four broad categories:

  • Surf & Fun Kayaks: The four kayaks in this group range from the Play for younger or smaller paddlers  up through the size range to the best selling Tandem. We have the size and style to fit your needs all offering great value for money
  • Fishing Kayaks: The big new wave in kayaking. Cobra offers a range of four models especially set up for fishing and diving, with the flexibility to further customise to meet your fishing needs.
  • Touring Kayaks: Whether you are looking for long-range paddling or a good day “out there”, Cobra’s two Touring kayaks provide fast paddling and massive storage for your gear.
  • Radical Kayaks: Built for thrills and spills the Cobra Radical range provides high performance recreational surfing and fitness training. Ride the surf with the Cobra Strike and Strike+ or go for speed with the Eliminator or the multi-sport Viper.